Media Appearances

Attorney Kathryn Karam enjoys sharing her extensive immigration knowledge with the Greater Houston community. She has appeared on numerous programs where she has discussed federal immigration policy and addressed individual concerns regarding the immigration process. Below you will find an archive of Kathryn Karam's recent media appearances.

Host Kevin Price and Guest Kathryn Karam discuss "Dealing with immigration issues" on this segment of the Price of Business.

March 3rd, 2015
Attorney Kathryn Karam shares her legal insight with international Trinity University students about Optional Practical Training (OPT), Curricular Practical Training (CPT) and Visa options that may be available to them.

Kathryn Karam on KPFT 90.1
Kathryn stopped by Proyecto Latino-Americano to discuss the recent temporary injunction by U.S. District Judge Andrew Hanen, which would delay implementation of DACA and DAPA. She helps explain how this controversial decision would impact hopeful applicants and relays the history behind these ground-breaking executive actions.