Exciting PERM decisions issued!

July 30, 2013 Posted in Labor Certification, immigration, Labor Laws

In Matter of Chabad Lubavitch Center (2011-PER-02614), the Board of Alien Labor Certifications (BALCA) held that requirements for the content of newspaper ads placed as part of the recruitment process for PERM Labor Certifications are applicable to State Workforce Agency (SWA) Job Orders. A PERM denial was overturned where the Job Order did not state the exact same requirements as the newspaper ads placed for the recruitment.

In the Matters of Seven Oaks Landscapes-Hardscapes, Inc. on behalf of Hector Z. Guzman and Armando Hernandez Perez (2011-PER-02628​ and 2011-PER-02471), BALCA overturned the denials of two PERMs originally denied because the Notices of Filing did not list the dates that the Notices were posted. BALCA held that the employer is not required to state the posting dates of the Notice of Filing required for PERM Labor Certifications.

tagged Labor Certification, immigration, Labor Laws

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