Chairman and CEO of BB&T: Yes, I am a supporter of immigration reform

October 23, 2013 Posted in Immigration Reform, Citizenship, immigration

On Wednesday, October 23 Kelly King, Chairman and CEO of BB&T, the 8th largest bank in the United States, visited Houston to address a group of BB&T employees, affiliates and clients. When asked by Attorney Karam if he supported immigration reform, Mr. King said: "Yes, I am a supporter of immigration reform. I am not in favor of people coming here illegally and not working and not paying taxes and living on our system. But for hardworking people who want to come here through proper procedures which ought to be made simple and straightforward, and they want to be qualified to be American citizens, and they want to work hard and pay taxes, the more the better. And anybody that understands anything about practical country development, organizational development - I guarantee you that is the answer. So all of these ideological people who just go crazy - "we can't let these people in" and all this stuff- I just do not get it. It's not the basis on which our country was formed. It's not rational in terms of the economic future that we have. So I am adamantly for it and I tell everybody see that, and I'll do whatever I can to spread the word."

tagged Immigration Reform, Citizenship, immigration

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