April 2014 Visa Bulletin Released!

The U.S. Department of State has released the April 2014 Visa bulletin. In the Family-Based categories, F-2A (spouses and minor children of permanent residents) is holding at September 8, 2013 for much of the world, In the Employment-Based categories, EB-3 (professionals holding at least a bachelor's degree) Rest-of-World, China and Mexico have progressed to October 1, 2012, while EB-3 India remains backlogged to September 15, 2003 and EB-3 Philippines is backlogged to July 15, 2007.

These developments are encouraging for those who are seeking employer sponsorship in the EB-3 category, particularly nationals of China who downgraded their EB-2 petitions to take advantage of the surge in the EB-3 China category. See my blog about EB-3 China.

See the entire April 2014 Visa Bulletin here.

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