I Received a Noid in My Marriage-Based Green Card Case

Posted on May 31, 2018 by Kathryn N. Karam

 In the last year, our office has worked directly with three couples and consulted with at least two more couples who received Notices of Intent to Deny (NOIDs) regarding their marriage-based petition. Prior to that, we’ve worked with several other couples by assisting with responses to NOIDs. In general, we are seeing USCIS issuing more Notices of Intent to Deny marriage-based petitions, particularly in cases that were filed 3-4 years ago and interviewed over one year ago. President Trump’s administration has introduced measures aimed at reducing legal immigration through work visas, asylum applications, and refugee admissions, and the emphasis on reducing illegal immigration appears to have bled into marriage-based immigration as well. If you find yourself searching, "I Received a NOID in my Marriage-Based Green Card Case," you might want to read this article. 

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